Night View Critic: Night View Producer/ Illumination Producer(Corp.)
Night View Tourism Convention Bureau Chairman

Motoo Marumaru

Born in 1965, Marumaru graduated from the Department of Sociology, Tourism Division of Rikkyo University. He published the "Tokyo Night View" in 1992, and began his career as the only night view critic in Japan. While critiquing and studying the beauty of "nightscapes," based on color psychology and landscape studies, he has delved into the construction of his own "study of nightscapes," which highlight the essence of a night view. He is the only creator who has set three world records in the Guiness Book of World Records for staging a night view, all at once. They are the 1)world's largest geoglyph created by lights, 2) the world's largest sculpture of light, and 3) the world's largest SK projection mapping on water surface. Over 50 books on night views have been written and published by Marumaru, the most recent being "The Latest Edition of Japanese Night View Heritage Sites(Kawade Shobo Shinsha), and "The Best of Japanese Illumination(Kosaido)." He has served as Night View Tourism Advisor for Kobe, Yokohama, Nagasaki, Kawasaki, Shunan, Ashikaga, Hiroshima Prefecture, and Sapporo.
He is the overseer of the "Night View Certification(Night View Certifiers)" and "Illumination Certification." His work on the first factory night view cruise in Japan won him the "Kanagawa Tourism Award." Marumaru has helped produce the "TOKYO MEGA ILLUMINATION(Oi Horse Track in Tokyo)," "Apa Resort Joetsu Myoko Illumination (Niigata)," "Mojiko Retro(Northern Kyushu)," "Ogura Illumination (Northern Kyushu)," "Huis Ten Bosch (Nagasaki)," "Okunikko snow Festival (Tochigi)," "Gunma Flower Park (Gunma)," "Ikutopia Edible Flower Illumination (Niigata)," and many others during the year.
As far as lighting projects are concerned, he has worked on "Idejima," "Oura Tenshudo (National Treasure)," Nakamachi Church, Kita Kyushu Iron Tree and other notable locations.

*Trademark "Night View Critic" License No. 4408194
*Lighting Consultant (Certified by the Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan.
*Public ambassador for the Saitama Prefecture Boy Scout Federation

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